The RV Packing List
You ask yourself the whole time, if you've forgotten something?


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Lay carpet in the mobile home

It's that time is approaching end of the year and the winter again. It is now my second winter in a caravan, by living mainly professionally and am on my way. Through the built-guest tank, [...]

With the van from Montenegro to Albania (Durrës, Borsh Beach, Ksamili, Butrin, Osum gorge, Weight, Tirana)

After the adventurous time in Montenegro we went to Albania. From the Miami Beach in Montenegro, there were about. an hour's drive to the border crossing in Muriqan / Sukobin. From a [...]

International driving licence

Funny opening times! Today I sit at least in road traffic office in Nuremberg and have been waiting 15 minutes, is called up my number. It's my turn and the lady can my [...]

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